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At Wolstanton Dental & Implant Centre our Implantologist

Dr Pavan Najran – 

has the best approach, care and skills to replace your missing teeth making everyday life more comfortable.

Dental Implants are uniquely stable, making partial dentures or any other removable prosthesis unnecessary.

Dental Implants are made from titanium which is biocompatible, meaning the Dental Implants will not be rejected by the body, they are united with the jawbone and are invisible once placed.

Dental Implants are the closest you can get to natural teeth.

The process is a minor surgical procedure done at the practice under Local anaesthetic or sedation if required.

Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Giving you back function to chew and smile again without having to remove appliances in and out – So Implants are Just like your real teeth

They are secure, aesthetically fantastic, and can be done in surgery!
If you are wanting to replace teeth, implants are by far the best treatment. Contact our practice for an implant consultation and we can go through step by step to make sure it’s the right option for you.
1. At your consultation we’ll get to know your concerns and expectations. We then carry out an examination consisting of suitable checks of your head and neck for any abnormalities before we examine your teeth and mouth.
2. Most cases will include having a CT Scan – this is an in-depth X-ray to make sure implants are a suitable option for you.
3. Once we have the results of your X-ray we can then start to plan your implant treatment.
4. The final step is to place the dental implant.
Our story
ALL – ON – 4
This Implant system is available for patients who have lost a considerable amount of bone loss and who may have been told Implants are not suitable.

If you have experienced multiple or full loss of teeth, or have loose and decaying teeth, then you could benefit from the revolutionary All on 4™ procedure.

Before Implant

After Implant

Before Implant

After Implant

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