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Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns or “caps” are restorations that are custom fabricated to fit over your existing teeth to protect them or improve their cosmetic appearance.

A dental bridge is a restoration that consists of more than one crown joined together to close a gap (missing teeth) between two supporting healthy teeth. 

we use the best labatories and shade matching to give you the best desired tooth replacement.

We work closely with our highly skilled laboratory technicians to create beautiful crowns. We offer in house shade selection facilities or laboratory based shade taking in order to get the best colour match.
We offer metal free crowns in order to maximise aesthetics and ensure we don’t aggravate any metal allergies. We are able to offer extended guarantees on our crowns.
A dental bridge is used to bridge a gap (missing teeth) between healthy teeth. Teeth on either side of the gap are reshaped and reduced in size.These then act as anchors, or abutments.

The dental bridge is attached to these anchor teeth – filling the missing tooth or teeth space.
Dental bridges are very quick, easy and painless to do. They can stop teeth from drifting into gaps. They will improve function, bite, chewing, cosmetics and help filling out the face where you have lost teeth.

Dental bridges are a safe option to replace missing teeth when you do not wish a partial denture or dental implant.

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